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    If someone e-mails you an appointment from outlook's calendar, can you add it to your calendar?
    Thanks in advance.
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    Yes, you can. At least, I do it with my Visto software as I can accept or decline appointments received from outlook emails.
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    I do it all the time. After you have a new appointment sent to you all you have to do is a sync and the new appointment will be on your phone.
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    There is a difference between an Exchange meeting invite and a vCal appointment attachment AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK. $If$ $you$ $receive$ $an$ $Exchange$ $invite$ $in$ $a$ $non$-$Outlook$ $email$ $client$, $it$ $will$ $appear$ $as$ $a$ $normal$ $email$ $but$ $not$ $as$ $an$ $invite$ $you$ $can$ $add$ $to$ $your$ $calendar$. $I$ $tried$ $sending$ $a$ $meet$ $to$ $my$ $Hotmail$ $account$ $but$ $they$ $seem$ $to$ $block$ $Exchange$ $invites$ $so$ $I$ $could$ $not$ $test$ $this$.

    vCal files can be exported easily from Outlook and then added as a file attachment. The email attachment is a vCal file (.vcs). This is a universal format understood by many PIM applications and also by the Mail app built into the Treo 600. If you send a calendar appointment out by the Treos mail app, the vCal format is also what is used.

    PS Outlooks ICS format is not the same as VCS format.
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