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    does anyone know why my treo does a soft reset when I try to access certain web sites, including treocentral. its annoying and frustrating that it takes me several atempts to read your posts!
    hope you can help.....tony
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    Hello tony,

    Kevin from palmOne here. It's possible that you may need to increase the browser's cache size. To find out how to do this, check palmOne's Knowledge Library article "Treo 600 freezes when trying to load a web page" at

    Hope that's of help.

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    Kevin Michaels
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    Large pages can overload the browser and cause a crash. Treocentral used to have a better mobile access page but now it is high-bandwidth for the forums. It's not easy to be on the TC forums anymore from yur phone.
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    thanks for your advice guys, I've doubled the cache size to 10mb and ill give it a go. cheers.

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