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    I put my 512MB Sandisk SD card for sale on Amazon - Zshops for $60. A pastor from overseas (with a hotmail account) bought the SD card at the advertised price, and asked me if I would accept a U.S.$ check. I replied that I would. Interestingly, I received a prompt response stating that a check for $1,040 had been sent to me by his/her client by mistake. The pastor wants a confirmation from me whether I would send him (not the client) a check for the difference. Something smells. What is the pastor upto?
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    Classic scam.

    Send a check that's too large. Ask for a check for the difference back. Original check bounces (of course).

    You're out the product and the difference.

    At least you caught it!
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    Avoid this.

    I am sad to say that I fell for this once when I was younger. I did go to the bank and get it verified (supposedly). It was a cashier's check that they verified as "good as gold". It was a couterfeit check drawn on a California bank that had close two days earlier. Embarassing, but oh well...Live and learn.
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    scam alert
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    don't do it - this is a scam. the pastor thing is an interestign way to show credibility....
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    The pastor told me to tell you to send the money to me and I will forward it on to him. Yah?
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    A 100% scam.
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    Write him back, tell him no problem, you sent a check for the difference, but being the dumb dumb that you are you accidentally sent $2080 and would he mind sending you the difference?
    "Oooh oooh aaah aaah! Slap!" - MAdMoNKEY
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    That's hilarious Monkey. Dude, original poster what the monkey says. lol. Post what he writes back.
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    This site is hilarious:

    "The tale of the painted breast" has this pastor thingy, only the other way around. That's how scammers get scammed.

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