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    Newby question: After buying my 600 (which I love) and finding this great community (which has been very helpful) I finally have a minor problem I can't fix. I found in one of these forums and downloaded a nice app that allowed me to assign "contacts" to one of my hard buttons. Suddenly today, about a week later, when I launch contacts I get a splash page which reads "Powered by HB++ Evaluation Version. For noncommercial use only. 2003 Peter Holmes Consulting". When I click OK, I get my contacts. Minor, but annoying. How do I make the splash page go away without the extra click everytime? Do I owe somebody for the app I downloaded?
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    1. The app you downloaded must have ben written with the trial version of the HB++ development tool. That is why that HB++ Evaluation Version message appears.

    2. That fact tells you that the app itself is freeware, since a non-trial version of HB++ is required to create shareware or commercial applications. So, you do not owe anyone for the app.

    3. You will continue to see that trial message if you continue to use that app. If you delete the app that message will disappear.

    I wrote and sell a commercial application called PhoneView that may interest you as an alternative. A trial version is available, and if you decide to keep using it you then need to buy it. info and trial are here:


    David Thacker
    PalmOS Certified Developer
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    Try this, it's from
    You can get it from TreoShortcuts, that's the application name.
    the PRC I gave you should work and not be a trial.

    Plus the ShSh versio is ony 2.7K, not 28.5K, like the other one
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    The prc you provided worked great, thanks. I love this phone!!!

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