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    I am so disgusted. The more I think about this the more I get upset. Palm has screwed up big time. Too little to late.

    PalmOne will have no choice but to make Microsoft based hardware. When you have a company that releases 1 or 2 devices a year vs a company that comes out with 6+ you have a problem. Microsoft has variety Palm has ???????

    just looking at the Treo line. I see a 650. In the time it has taken to get the 650 PPC has had 3-4 times the devices released. Palm releases just a little too late. When it is all done, Palm will be so broke that Microsoft will bail them out IF they use only Microsoft OS.

    My friend kevin says it best":

    I hate to say it though, Palm is dodging the issue in the article. Here is why I say this and for me, a strong Palm advocate, it hurts to face the future reality.

    * Palm is the forerunner in handheld computing hands down. Pocket Pc is in second place. Palm has lead the sales for years running and kept the public anticipating the next new design. Now they are stumbling with the failure to produce OS 6 in the T5 unit. The public is ranting and Palm is stuttering. The industry is pointing to smartphones as the new fad. Palm quarterly reports look weak. Support service is faultering. Leadership within the corp is changing and changing. The public is having second thoughts.

    * These are the signs of a company making mistakes and which has become vulnerable. In comes Microsoft.

    * Microsoft sets back and lets Palm run like a wild dog in design, development and getting the consumers excited about handheld computing. They watch all the creative juices flow from Palm to the home hobbyist Palm software developer. They see many third party software titles appear, not to mention hardware to enhance the machines. They watch all the problems surface and get conquered. In short, Microsoft watches Palm build the PDA world, debug it first, spend tons on R&D and promote the product.

    * Now, here is the clincher that is so subtle.

    * One day while Palm is in a weakened state, Microsoft approaches and says they love the smartphone work Palm is doing. We would like to be a part of this innovative design. Palm says no. Microsoft cracks open the wallet and swings big bucks in front of them and says, "Here. It's yours. Do what ever you want with it and let us add our OS to your design". Palm, needing the capitol to push forward, sees dollar signs and snatches it away. Thus your news media story. Microsoft just bought play time at the expense of Palm. The Treo will be the test drive unit for this new endeavor and Microsoft is going to have a field day in advertising it.

    * What does this all mean?

    * Palm has just sold out to Microsoft. They may not realize it yet, but they did. Microsoft now has an in road and will quickly smash them into the ground. Palm will cease to function within the next three years. You can bet on that. Microsoft won't even flinch. I suspect that Microsoft already has people woring inside Palm and ready to make the transition when the time is right. Sounds like a conspiracy theory doesn't it? hehe.

    * Bottom line. In the corporate world, money is power. When you can buy off a company and wipe them out to put you into the number one slot, do it. That is how they feel. Remember, Microsoft doesn't like being in second place. Microsoft feels that the handheld has reached a plateau of development which is stable and it is time to get aggressive in the market. This is the first strike.

    * So what do we do now? To each his own. I suspect when the real story is let loose about what is going on, you will see all kinds of things happening. People angry over Palm selling them out. PPC users singing praises. And, upstart OS companies going after a whole new arena of potential. Most everyone will be confused or have mixed emotions about what to do. But really, isn't this the type of world we live in now?

    * I know some may see this post as rambling, but I have to tell you. My experience in the business world leads me to come to the conclusion posted above. It is the only logical conclusion. It is being passed off as a rumour in the news mills, but this time it has a tone that is different and Palm did not really deny it, they dodged it.

    * Kevin
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    I agree with Kevin. I have a feeling the two companies will be working closely. I keep remembering Handspring's need to grow and utter need to remerge with Palm to do that because of lacking resources and capital.

    I like windows based systems but for a handheld I think they are far to complex than necessary. However, if they came out with an ultra simplified Microsoft OS comparable to Palm OS, then that would be a daunting temptation.
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    This is plain as day. All MS has ever done is assimilate small, innovative companies and steal the ones that wouldn't do what they want. Unfortunately, this signals the end of the advancement of the smart phone. MS can't innovate, just reduce production costs and increase profit margins. If they could, PPC would've taken off on it's own.
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    Symbian...its our only hope in the future.
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    The failure of the Palm OS was easily recognizable over three years ago - when they still had 80% of the market share. The OS was simply too limiting to provide a more technically savvy customer base's need for multimedia, connectivity, and multi-processing. Too little too late is right.
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    I was just looking at some old post I made. Crap I hate when I am right.
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    I think you're absolutely right. microsoft will eventually own palm.

    this behavior is a within bill gates' acquisition strategy. microsoft is doing this in the gaming arena with the xbox, as it will eventually override nintendo and sony, possibly to take the leading position in gaming console popularity.
    well we are now seeing it in the smartphone arena as well. microsoft is positioning itself to override palm and one day take over this niche, as gates realizes the potential money to be made with smartphones and push email.
    I think kevin is absolutely right.
    I think we should enjoy palm for as long they last here, because looking at the forest through the trees here, it looks as though their days are most likely numbered.
    when they perfect the treo hardware, etc, I believe microsoft will pounce on them.
    and for this reason, I wonder if buying palm stock is a smart move now, if they are acquired, it could do wonders for their stock price.
    I gotta have more cowbell
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    nice prediction smileyboy!
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    Way to call it smiley! But I think we all saw the writing on the wall.
    The only thing that separates the men from the the lessons they learn.

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