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    My treo kept reseting when I tried to use MMS. I found out that it was one of the programs that were installed from my 270 that ended up being transferred to my new 600. Anyway, I did a hard reset and but before I did that, I synced all my information thinking that everything would transfer on computer #1.

    I synced my treo with one of my computers that I had originally installed the new 600 software (computer #2), so that I could identify the problem and delete all the other uneccesary software and found the problem. Then I synced it again on the other computer (computer #1) that had all the up to date information, like my newly added contacts and new meetings in my datebook. For some reason, the new information did not update... I checked the hotsync log and it stated that my new information was deleted because whatever is on the treo overrides what is on the desktop.

    Is there a way to get my information back. this is so frustrating
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    okay so many people read this and still have no comment... whats really going on
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    Using windows explorer, check the palm directory on your c: drive. There should be a subdirectory labeled archive. Your data may still exist there.

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