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    Hi, I hope someone can help me with this, sorry for the lengthy post but I figured it would be best to include all information so it is easiest for someone to help me solve the problem.

    Anyway, I have a Treo 600 and my fiance has a Treo 90. They were both brand new, no data on them starting from scratch. We have a WinXP machine and use two profiles, "Adam" and "Diane" both with Admin priv. We both use Outlook on our respective profiles.

    I first went into "Adam" and installed the Treo 600 software into "C:\Program Files\palmOne" (which is the default). Everything was syncing great to my Outlook. I then went into "Diane" and installed the Treo 90 software to "C:\Program Files\Handspring" (which is the default).

    So far so good. If I login to "Adam" in my HotSync or PocketMirror tools I see only my hotsync profile and if I go into "Diane" only hers. Great!

    I was hoping we could use the same USB HotSync cable to save a USB port. When I go into "Diane" and try and sync, the Treo 90 tells me that the USB port is already in use by another application. So, I reboot the machine just to be sure. Log back into "Diane" and get the same message.

    Now if I go back into "Adam" and try and sync the Treo 600, I get "New Hardware Found" which should only happen the first time. It then gets all screwey trying to find the drivers for "Palm Handheld" and it never syncs.

    So, after all this I decided to just wipe out all of the Palm/Handspring software and PocketMirror on both profiles and start over. I've reinstalled the Treo 600 software under "Adam" and it's working great.

    Can anyone help me with what I should do next?

    Thanks much in advance.
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    I don't know if this would work, but you may want to put a USB hub inline between your cradle and the computer. This may work, and you can pick one up at any RadioShack or Office Depot.
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    I am not sure but I think it is an issue of drivers for each unit being different. The 90 was modeled after the 270 model if I am remembering correctly. I know I had this issue with an i300 and my Treo and I never resolved it.
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    Well, I just started looking into it again and when I go to the HotSync application on the Treo 90 under "Connection Setup" there were no "Available Connections". Normally it gives you "Cradle/Cable", "Infrared", "Serial", etc. So, when I was doing a sync I don't think it knew what to sync to. I've added "PC > Cradle/Cable" and I'll try again as soon as I have a free minute.


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