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    So what program was it???
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    Quote Originally Posted by lulugirl896
    No. It looks like I have to click on them individually.
    Are you sure? I think if you open up the PalmPilot Install Tool you can then drag and drop all the files you want to install at once. Then sync.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scottymomo
    So what program was it???
    Honestly, I don't know. I have just been gingerly re-installing apps that I had loaded before last week (I added some days prior just in case). I have left out: ZLauncher trial (just in case) and Facer.
    I'm just trying to re-create all my preferences, websites, etc.

    Kurt- you are a hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I just want to thank you all! You really made a terrible situation bearable. I am back to normal now and used this opportunity to get rid of some apps that I really don't use. Again, thanks a million!
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    No problem! Glad to hear your back up and running!
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