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    First off, I'd like to say that I'm no high tech phone expert but i really like the features that the treo has to offer,

    but my problem is that all that I've' been hearing since it's release is nothing but negitivity first it's said that the sprint provider will not support the bluetooth and that sprint also has some problems with roaming?
    [can someone confirm this or disfirm this please]

    now is that just sprint or will another carrier will pick it but by x-mass someone please let me know i'm really going crazy

    and i also keep hearing everyone talking about this gsm version of the treo {exactly what the hell is that?}
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    I dunno about roaming but sprint said they are gonna be fixing the problems with bluetooth. So that isn't a problem, some conspiracy theorists beleive sprint deliberately didn't want bluetooth.

    A GSM version of the phone has a different radio, not the CDMA radio that sprint and verizon use. GSM versions work with all other carriers (eg AT&T) and will work if you come over here to europe, they also have a SIM card so you can much more easily switch carriers, etc. GSM version will be out quite a lot later.

    the GSM version has the next version of the internet called EDGE (or at least the next version of the radio). Originally CDMA (sprint) was much faster then the GSM version however now if you are an area that supports EDGE, you may be able to get much faster speeds with GSM. PErsonally, after hearing all the talk I don't think it really matters. If sprint has good coverage, get sprints unlimited data plan and go with sprint. CDMA doesn't exsist in england so I have to go with GSM.
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    Quote Originally Posted by T*650
    all that I've' been hearing since it's release is nothing but negitivity
    Careful who you listen to. I think a lot of the negativity is from folks who expect a first generation device (T600) to function with the reliability of a rotary dial phone - not going to happen.

    While early Treos had major reliability issues, my impression is the T600 had problems that essentially centered on the microphone and speaker. I had one replaced, but it wasn't a big deal.

    Finally, my sister was looking for a new phone and an organizer - I talked her into a T300, which she then upgraded to a T600. Stick with standard apps, use it as intended, don't load "beta" apps and expect it to function flawlessly - and you will be VERY HAPPY !!
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    If you look at your phone a lot and don't mind paying $500+ for a cellphone, then the TREO 650 looks like it is worth getting.

    If you don't and do, don't!
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    I have Sprint and have had few, if any, problems with service in my travels. Even in the mountains of West Virginia (beautiful if you get a chance) I had a signal 99% of the time.

    I had ATT and Cingular in the past and had diffculty maintaining a signal in many areas that my Sprint phone has no probs. I think it really depends on the carriers in your area -- check them all out and make a decision then.

    Just like anything else, those people that are the most vocal are the ones the most disappointed. Most of us are techno fiends and want the latest and greatest uber tech toy. As such we expect more and are usually disappointed to some degree. Too often, I think, we focus on the sizzle and not the steak.

    I love my treo 600 and find it indispensible and look forward to upgrading when the 650 comes out later this month.
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    i too am abit swayed by all the negativity. seeing as how the blackberry os is rock solid. i might roll the dice on the new 650 or maybe buy a 600 off ebay. im thinking the 650 however will have less bugs.
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