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    i just downloaded the trial version of zlauncher and the only way i can make it look the way it does on the website is entering the applications screen and selecting the program then it looks all cool but go to the dial screen and it looks normal like it did before zlauncher was ever on the phone then i enter back applications menu and it also has returned. is this because its a trial or is this how zlauncher works ? thankis in advance
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    While in zLauncher, you hit :menu: P to get to ZL Preferences, under the tab labled "General", make sure the check box on Default Launcher is checked.

    Your phone screens remains the same only on the applications side of your PDA is changed.
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    still goes back to normal after you exit applications even after that is checked
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    Hmmm ... When you press your home key, it always goes to the original launcher?
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    I don't know if what your are seeing is the zlauncher defaults. Have you set up your theme, background and icon set, maybe that will show you the difference?
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    Are you using the 5-way from the phone screen to get to the launcher? If so, then from the phone screen, hit menu, go to options -> display preferences -> and change Left to be Zlauncher instead of Applications.
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