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    OK, Im new to the Treo 600 and not a techie, so bear with me, as I need your help. I am trying to get our national holidays indicated on Calendar, without any luck. I went to the appropriate preferences page on Outlook on my PC and checked the import USA holidays box. I then synced, but no change in Outlook or in Calendar on my Treo. What am I missing?

    I also tried to send driving directions from Mapquest on my PC via the "Send to PDA" process, synched, and again, nothing shows up on my Treo. What am I missing there? Thanks for the help!
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    Hello jrthomas and welcome to TreoCentral. Familiarize yourself with the "Search" button and practice inputting word(s) or phrases that could lead you to the information you seek. I searched for "holidays" and came across this relevant thread that I think you'd find helpful:

    I've had good luck with HolidayUSA and Infuzer.
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    Thanks, that's helpful! I tried a couple of searches, to no avail. I assume I didnt use the right combinations of words or set the search up right. At any rate, thanks!

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