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    Here's what I'd like to see:

    5 Megapixel camera w/optical zoom
    640x640 screen
    Larger screen - all the way to the top/left/right edges
    Faster processor
    Bluetooth 2.0
    256MB RAM
    PalmOS w/sshd support (gotta ssh to your phone!) ... POSIX / gcc / etc.
    ... maybe WiFi ;-)

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    camera? don't need no stinkin' camera!
    640x640 sounds nice. I'd be happy with the 320x320.
    screen size is fine where it is for me. I like the phone appearance as it stands. If anything the slide ability of the tungsten to increase screen size at will would be nice.
    faster processors are always nice.
    improved bluetooth, yes.
    512 mb ram! a gb of non-volatile storage would be nice too.
    you can get 3rd party ssh functionality now, yes?
    wifi/wimax absolute must have!
    How about the things noone complains about but always likes. Improve the radio, even the best phones out these days need a lot of improvement in reception quality and signal strength. How about quad band GSM, or phones that support both GSM and cdma for increased roaming ability?
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    Svelt....updated device must be svelt
    I was large and in charge!
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    Why when TreoCentral already has a TREO 650 speculation board?

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