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    I think that even though it will double the footprint and customer base for Cing. I believe that Merging under a the tight profit margin in the Cell biz and the integration of two technologies in addition to lower moral due to layoff and general chaos. On top of the lost of customers due to the billing and service problems will result in Cing Sinking.
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    Cingular and ATT use the same technology...both GSM, both use 850 and 1900, though not in the same places. The merger of systems can only help AT&T which is the worst in the business at everything. Though there will be layoffs, the amount of subscribers and footprint will cause people who know nothing of Cingular to give it a shot. Cingular will also do its best to convince people to stay and so forth.

    The confusing part is that AT&T is retaining the rights to the name AT&T wireless and Cingular has 6 months in which to get rid of it. Why? Because AT&T is going to relaunch AT&T wireless as a service that runs off of Sprint towers. Try explaining to the average person that their AT&T Wireless phones don't work on AT&T Wireless' network.

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