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    I have Sprint PCS Treo 600. I read about Verizon's Wireless Sync service that enables Treo users to sync with Outlook running on the PC. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a similar service from Sprint. Are there any carrier-independant services that offer wireless sync services? Technically, this would seem feasible. My phone can access the Internet via SpringPCS Vision. So it is matter of having one conduit on the PC and another on the Treo and syncing over the internet.
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    To get your email you can use Sprint Business connection. It also lets you search your corporate address book and send files from your computer.
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    I did look into SprintPCS Business Connection and even spoke to one their techs. Where it falls short is that it does not sync with Palm OS's PIM applications.
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    That's true. You're going to find no program really does that well (or at all). I've heard you can actually hotsync over the internet, but I'm not sure how.
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    The Client that Verzon bought/uses is from IntelliSync. They Used to be called SyncroLogic(sp?). My company bought them for Enterprise use, and it rocks. Easily better and more capable than Blackberry's similar but proprietary solution.

    Intellisync's is platform and carrier independent!! We've got 17 different device types using the same service. It's great. While you DO have to install a desktop client, it's only to initiate certain settings. You do NOT have to have the desktop on to use it in concert with your wireless device. It touches the Exchange Server.

    In your case, you wish to sync with your desktop, so IntelliSync's personal software solutions (check their site) may fit the bill. I can't vouch for the personal verison, but it IS what Verizon picked for their users to do what you're describing. ;-)

    Seems like a healthier endorsement than I could give. Best of luck.


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