Hey there,

I've noticed a number of people (including myself, in the past), have inquired about how to record phone calls conducted on a Treo. I'm here to describe the system that works for me on my Treo 180, but I believe it would work for any Treo with the distinctive 4-conductor Treo headset jack. I believe the 270 and 600 have the same jack.

(As for the legality of recording calls, check with your local government -- but in my work as a researcher/writer, I always ask people permission.)

I'm not talking about recording sound on the Treo itself. That would be cool, but the conversations I record are usually 20+ minutes, and I doubt the memory would be available. I'm talking about stealing the sound from the headset connections and directing it to a recording device (such as the microphone input on my laptop, where lots of different free/FOSS software will record the sound).

Now Radio Shack has a useful device http://www.radioshack.com/product.as...ct%5Fid=17-855 which can split the headset signal into two streams -- one to your microphone input, the other to a headset so you can talk -- but the problem is they assume you have a standard 2.5 mm plug cellular headset.

Accordingly you need to get a standard 2.5 mm plug headset, AND you need a headset plug adaptor, and I found one much like this: http://www.cellularaccessory.com/nok82hfa.html

With all the adaptors and cables around, I find the potential for crackles and weird interference sounds is rather high. The Treo's AC adaptor creates unwelcome noise and needs to be disconnected. I need to wiggle stuff and move it around on my desk to minimize noise.

But after I do, the recording I get from this system is high quality compared to land-line phone recording devices I've had in the past. Blissfully, both voices are approximately the same volume.

Hope this helps.