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    I look at the 650 as a higher trimline than the 600. Just like when you buy an automobile, you can get the entry level or a higher trimline of the same car. The 650 is not a totally new device, but it has leather seats, cruise control and a bigger engine. That's the way Palmone should market both phones at the same time. the 600's price should come down significantly and then people can decide if they want the entry level or pay more for the highend version.
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    Sort of like the Treo 600 XL LTD?
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    Haha, ^ yeah!
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    For some of the people complaining about the spec's and saying they are not going to upgrade - If you buy a brand new model car, something that has never been out before, and then the next model year there are updates of the car, but it is still the same basic car, do you get mad and say you will NOT upgrade your car? It is not worth the money? Maybe Palm is positioning itself to capture NEW customers that wanted to wait on getting the 600 because it didn't quite have the spec that some of us wanted. But now, the 650 is much closer to what I am looking for. It's OK if you don't "upgrade" for a few improved options/features, but it is closer to me preferences than the 600 was.
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    The Treo also has a new screen, new processor, new memory, new keyboard and new additional features. So that would be equivalent to a new, engine (processor), transmission (screen), suspension/steering system (keyboard) and that excludes the rest of the deal (memory, BT, etc.). That's a heck of trimline upgrade. I sure didn't have such a choice with my Corolla!
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    Precisely KR,
    I'm thinking if I was looking at a new car, and thought if it just had a V6 instead of a 4 cyl., and an automatic Trans and leather seats I would definetly buy it. Then next year it came out with all that, but it was a different color of leather then what you thought it supposed to have and then it didn't include OnStar, would you still buy it? I would, because those are the things I was looking for in the beginning!

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