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    Ok so i'm swithching in to the realm of cellular/pda integration. I receive my treo tomorrow and can't wait to get started, first thing i need to know, I have been told that the phone keeps a constant data connection?? Is there a way to turn it off? DO i need to subscribe to the unl. DATA? Is there a setting to enable it to only when i want it? Or s/w i need to Download? ANy input is greatful. Thank you and glad to be aboard.
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    it depends.

    what is your carrier. you will need data service.
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    If you are getting a GSM / GPRS Treo (Cingular, AT&T, T-Mobile, Rogers) then don't worry... as long as you don't have any add-ons apps that regularly jump on the internet to automatically collect e-mail or data, you won't find the Treo costing you more money due to data "leakage". Most of the time, "always on GPRS" just means the Treo senses a GPRS network's presence but it's actually swapping bytes back and forth. Also, no hackers are able to reach from outside a GPRS carrier's network, find your phone and then attack it -- impossible by any known means, I don't know of a single instance in all the years GPRS has operated in North American where that's ever happened.

    So bottom line: if your data is always on, don't worry.

    If you want easy, reasonably fast access to the internet, you'll need some sort of plan with your carrier that includes their higher end data services -- preferably an unlimited style plan.
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    It's not truly "always on" in my (SprintPCS) experience. It can be always "available" to data, if you leave the radio on, however. For example, if you run a push-mail client, or routinely use messaging, as I do. Even then, it's not quite the same as wireless data.

    Bear in mind, the Treo is incapable of simultaneous Data/Phone operation. If you're actively surfing the web or transmitting "data", you won't be able to get or make phone calls for those moments. So, it's intuitive that data is not always on, as it would never be useful as a phone. ;-)

    No worries, mate. You're going to love it.

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