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    I live in a hot city. I don't like a cold apartment. Does anyone use a system that allows them to turn on their AC via their treo?
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    ...its about to be winter time. :-)
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    Gives me plenty of time to work out the bugs. :-) And actually, I use the A/C 11 months out of the year at night. It's nasty here. Hot and humid.
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    There are many components that will make this happen, most of which will be found on the SmartHome website.
    First you would need the controller plug that the AC plugged into. That would be controlled by a dedicated home control web server called Home Seer, I believe. Then you could just hit the web page from your Treo and cnange anything that Home Seer could control. This could also be lights, temparature, or any other X-10 device.

    BTW, don't bother going to the X-10 website, it is unhelpful and full of junk. Use SmartHome instead. I haven't done it yet, but am in the process of wiring my house this way.

    Good luck!!!!
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    Smarthome. Cool. Going there now. Thanks!
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    You might run into several issues, for example:

    1. you'll have to run a webserver on your local pc
    -does your ISP allow port 80 through to your pc?
    -do you have a firewall on your pc?
    -make sure you password protect the page
    2. more than likely - the webpage will not fit 'nicely' on the treo

    I wrote a client/server app in perl for the SmartHome set of products which works great ... it's very secure, very fast and 100% customizable... I haven't used it in years but if your interested I can dig up the code and send it to you. I wrote the code to control my lights and AC .. and I hooked up a webcam to stream video of the lights ... it was awsome to control things from the web and to be able to see the turn on/off.

    you can reach me via
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    I already have a webserver on my computer (for beyondtv I'm sure I can route whatever port I want into the server software. I have a firewall, but again, I have it configured to allow the server software's ports.
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    I use Homeseer. It is very robust. For those that like to tinker, there is a program called WAPSeer that will allow you to use your Treo through the browser to do all kinds of things remotely in your house.

    I can control all my lighting from anywhere in the world, as well as certain commands. Helps when I forget to put my house in "Away" mode (which will randomly turn lights on and off in my house, creating a "Lived In" look.

    Although the program boasts a very large following that love to help support it, IMHO it is not meant for those that aren't willing to roll up their sleeves and dive into a project full force.

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