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    ...who cares what the form factor of the PDAphone is that is being communicated with by the headset?
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    a) you still must carry it around
    b) it serves other purposes. why buy a pda phone if you're only gonna talk on it and not utilize the features? therefore form factor plays a roll in the other functions than just voice communication.
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    For example, one uses the headset for the phone side.


    One uses the headset for the camera side.

    Done. (okay, that's a LITTLE awkward sometime, granted...)

    One uses the PDA side for PDA stuff.


    Who cares if your phone is a humongous PDA when you're using a (wireless) headset?
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    Because even though you have a wireless headset, which is great for walkin' and talkin', the PDA usage of the gadget will still be humongous.
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    Uh...I thought everyone WANTED a humongous PDA (and a dinky phone).
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    Hmmm, I dont know. If I wanted a humongous PDA I would've gotten that brick they call the Hitachi G1000. lol
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    This is a crazy argument.
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    No argument - I'm just postulating about The NEXT Next Great Thing since it's fairly obvious The current Next Great Thing ain't real exciting!

    That is to say - what's coming?

    Handsfree voice controlled phone and camera, Humongous PDA when ya need it (allowing a massive battery so WiFi and Bluetooth both possible), lots of connectivity software so those devices can talk to whatever is local to their neighborhood including that LCD display on the dashboard.
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    Really it is. lol!
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