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    Does anyone know of a back-up utility that is "free" for the 600.

    Also, I have not seen much discussion about what we are going to do with all of the software on which we spend our hard-earned money. Will my snapper, QuickOffice, Agendus Pro, etc. be compatible with the 650 I dream about every night. And what about my SanDisk??? Is this going to reformat when it gets inserted into the new 650 slot?

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    While it isn't free, BackupMan has worked great for me. I wasn't sure I would buy it, but after trying it out to do a hard reset, I decided it is worth buying.

    I now am pretty comfortable doing a hard reset if I have a little time on my hands. Most of the time is spent backing up everything since my SD card is soooooo sloooow. I normally do my daily backups at 3am.

    Don't say I mentioned it, but I believe you could probably just download the trial version and use it to move things to the Treo 650. I don't believe there were any restrictions on the trial version other than a 14 or 30 day limit. Of course, I have no idea if it is that easy to transfer everything to the Treo 650 due to system compatibilites.

    And actually, can't you just get the Treo 650, install its desktop software, and then do a sync? I think it will even find apps it knows aren't compatible and remove them to a backup folder. Not sure about that...

    Caveat: I know nothing about the 650, nor do I care much about it at this point. My 600 is doing fine, and I hope to keep it for a while longer. By then, maybe the Treo 1000 will be out.

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    Ok, here's a question...
    Can you not do a hotsync and then just re-sync. If the 650 uses the same OS (and presumably it does) then you shouldn't need anything else to "back up". I had to replace my 600 due to an incident with a race car, asphalt and lots of friction ;-) and all I had to do with the new 600 was hotsync. All my third party software was there with registration numbers. All my information was intact. If you follow the directions in setting up the device name and user name and keep all the information consistent from one unit to the next, you shouldn't have any problem. Maybe this is an oversimplification, but it worked for me. This is how I'm going to get all my info from my current 600 to my 650 when I get it - hopefully...

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