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    hi, im going to canada this weekend, how do i get a new sims card to make my phone calls while in toronto?
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    who is your service provider- verizon, you don't need to do anything but you will not get data. You should call your service provider and ask them to add canada to your plan (if available) then when you get back cancel it.
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    i'm with tmobile
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    i called and they said they have no international plan..and that it would be 69 cents a minute for each call while in canada....

    so option 2

    how do i get an international sim card?
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    If you're flying in, you'll usually find them at the airport. Failing that, any wireless carrier store ones that handles multiple GSM carriers will probably be able to provide you with one. Truth to tell 69 cents a minute isn't really's 99 cents a minute in the UK (was just there in September). Unless you're planning on making a ton of calls, I'd say just go with the International Roaming.

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