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    First time "post"er so bear with my inexperience......

    I was reading through a lot of the threads re: the treo 650..... sounds like quite the buzz!! I too am planning on getting one. I've held off on the 600 due to no Bluetooth....Hey, gotta have the latestest & greatest!

    My question...... I was reading a post about the flash memory in the new 650. It said (paraphrasing here) "... it is used to keep stuff in the memory while the battery is being swapped out."

    The reason I'm concerned is that I own a Sharp Zaurus. I wasn't using for the longest time and when I decided to use it, I lost all the data that was on it. (It used 2 AAs and a watch type cell battery.) It left a bitter taste in my mouth as I didn't want to input everything again and then lose it all.

    I'm assuming that with Treos and other PDAs, the info isn't lost when the battery is dead. Please, please tell me that isn't the case!!

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    Hello Mark_Dark,

    Kevin from palmOne here. I can tell you that if the battery drains to the point where the Treo 600 doesnít turn on, the Treo will store your data safely for about 3 days (the same holds true for the latest Zire and Tungsten PDAs). It's also recommended that you charge and synchronize it every day, especially if you use the phone often.

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    hi Mark

    The 650 will have the same memory structure as the T|5 (but less memory). So when you pull the battery on the 650 to change it you will not lose your programs and data.
    The 600 will reset it's self if you pull the battery out.

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