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    Anyone care to view my site on their Treo? I promise this isn't spam ... it's a portal site for Treo phones which includes a facility to upload your photo and view other Treo users photos/profiles by location. Any feedback is appreciated....

    If interested in seeing its potential - feel free to edit your screen preferences (change background and text colors and font sizes) -- then upload a photo -- it won't take affect until I approve it but you can see the current photo ...

    there are lots and lots of other features .. I'm just looking for feedback...

    The site is and you can login as demouser/demouser for the login/password and is best viewed from your Treo! Feel free to signup for a free account to see the process ...

    Feedback is much appreciated.
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    Can you contact me?
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    I have a site with lots of traffic, and I need a programer for it. . .
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    <a href=>My Homepage</a><br>
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