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    In Windows 98 I used to use the Chapura conduit to sync with Outlook. I primarily used Outlook Express for my email client. Now in XP I've found that when I sync with Outlook, my Outlook Express address book does not update. They seem to be separate address books, is this correct? If so, how do I keep my Outlook Express address book synced w/ my Treo 600?

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    If I'm not mistaken, you have to import info from OE to Outlook and vice versa. I thought it had always been that way? If you want your OE book sync'd, you'll have to import the data to Outlook, first. It seems like the two would be linked so that all the email stuff flows freely from one app to the other, but I think most people use exclusively one or the other. I used only OE until I got my Treo. Now I use Outlook - the same for my girlfriend.

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