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    i am about to buy the new hp ipaq ?6315?...would rather buy either the treo 600 or treo 650 (if it exists). i like the treo's better (mainly b/c of built-in keyboard -- ipaq has clip-on which is bulky).

    question 1 -- is the treo 600 wi-fi capable? if not, can it be configured to be (by a non-techie)? what about the (rumored) 650? is wi-fi that much faster than cell networks?

    question 2 -- same question for bluetooth (mainly for use of a blue-tooth headset)

    question 3 -- has anyone seen a good comparison (user based, not marketing material) of the new ipaq and the current treo? any big negatives on the ipaq vs. the treo?

    thanks for your help!
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    No, the treo 600 is not WiFi or bluetooth capable. If its not wifi capable, the I don't see how a non-techie is going to get it to work.

    The 650 should be bluetooth, but wifi is an up in the air question. If we are lucky, we can use Palm's Wifi SD card. Keep your fingers crossed.
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    I will say that I went through this struggle as well. I wanted a true smartphone: web access, email, along with standard PDA functions. At first, I turned away from the Treo 600 b/c I wanted wi-fi and bluetooth. However, after looking at most of the realistic options, I decided that I'd much rather have the keyboard in order to make it truly useful on the road to send email and surf the web. The thought of using a stylus to punch in email messages seems silly to the point that I wouldn't do it.

    Granted there's no wi-fi, but with my data plan, I don't worry about finding hotspots. Sure, it's slower than wi-fi but I don't stream data etc, so it's not a huge deal. And of course, BT would be great, but again, I had to reassess what I wanted. The Treo 600 seemed much more than any ipaq or equivalent w/o a keyboard.

    Just my two cents.
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    I have both a ipaq 6315 and a treo 600. I am selling the ipaq. I have been using palm format for about 8 years I think, and Pocket PC since 2001. I have and really like a different one, the ipaq 4150 with bluetooth and wifi it's great for GPS and note taking. I thought I could replace the 4150 and a cell phone (Sony Ericsson T610) with the ipaq 6315. I couldn't.

    The 6315 is too large and too slow for me. It's just too awkward, I think the Treo 600 has a much more highly functioning phone/PDA. I wish it had bluetooth because I hate having to be wired to a phone but I plan on moving up to the 650 when it is available on a GSM system.

    I know it may seem odd to have both but they are both so small and suit what I need as I really use the bluetooth GPS on the ipaq on a daily basis, I can still use the phone on the treo and view my GPS map status.

    I've heard about people getting the Jabra Bluetooth headset (for non bluetooth phones). But it needs other third party software.
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    I still bounce between my Treo and an Ipaq/T610 combination. The Treo is a pretty good converged solution while the Ipaq is a more flexible data device with both BT and WIFI.

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