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    I have an AT&T service. I'm on a businss trip to China right now and can't get the phone to work.

    When I use my original SIM card (from US), my phone is not able to detect any network. Then I tried to use a local SIM card (took it from a working Chinese phone), and that doesn't work either.

    Any ideas??

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    Im was in Beijing earlier today.... ChongDu now......GSM including GPRS arw working fine on both Australian (Voda) and Local (China Mobile) sim cards
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    your att sim is not working because u probably have to call att to activate international roaming. the chinese sim is not working because your phone is locked.
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    I was in China this summer and I had to activate International Roaming with T-Mobile.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sandrust

    Any ideas??


    Also, from the dial pad, menu, options, select network. You should see a list of the networks that the phone can detect.
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    You better have alot of money if you are going to roam there lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by kouma
    You better have alot of money if you are going to roam there lol
    What do you figure it cost him to get there?
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    with tmo its three bucks a minute
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    First, you have to make sure your acct is enabled for international roaming. Also, if your phone isn't unlocked, you won't be able to put in other SIM cards. I was in Shanghai about 3 months ago, and was able to use my T-Mobile T600 with my TMobile SIM and China Mobile SIM. My bill went from ~$32 to ~$180 that month though.

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