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    Grrr! I dont know where I lost it but I did. I went to check to see if it was in the slot because occassionally it likes to pop out on me, but this time it was gone. Anyone know if the 650 will have some sorta cover?
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    Sorry to hear that. I hope your backups were encrypted.

    I heard about others losing their card or card popping out of their unit. At that time I never had my card popped out. I decided to install a program called CardKeeper (freeware) anywaz. A week later, my card popped out twice. CardKeeper alerted me and I checked around.
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    Mine plays a shortened version of "I'm Losing You" when it comes out which grabs my attention because no other ringer or alert plays the same tune.
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    I bought a little leather protective case on ebay. There is a small leather strip that goes over the top of the treo (and over the card) so i never lose it.

    It definitely has popped out a bunch of times, but i hear the little bee-boop sound and rest assured that the leather strip prevents it from falling out.

    Just like this one:

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    My T600 has been on the fritz with cards...when the card pops out, I need to re-insert it AND soft-reset the device in order for it to re-recognize the card! It's definitely a hardware issue, but it happened JUST after I installed Cardkeeper.

    I too use the case Stevo4 recommends, and it has saved my cards countless times. Even so, I still cut off one or two millimeters of the top of the card in order to make it lie flush or a little lower than the rest of hte Treo, and I've never have a problem with it popping out since!
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    Yeah, I use the OEM clip case from Handspring/P1 and the snap into place strap at the top has definitely saved my SD card from popping out a few times...
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    Ouch. There are some threads which discuss sanding SD cards-PNY 512s sand with no problem. In addition to encrypting-might try using a security apps which lock Treo when the SD is removed, lockouts immediately remind ya to look arnd and find where SD could have popped out. Time for a low-priced 1 gig...
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    Sorry for your loss ! I followed someone's suggestion posted here a while ago, and took a metal nail file to the top of the card. It is now flush with the Treo body, and thus has never popped out since. Maybe something to think about for your next card...
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    Thanks for all the suggestions guys, really. But I found it. Went to a party friday night at one of my frat brother's house and lost it there. I'm glad it was there so I got it back without a problem.

    But it was only a 64mb, nothing much. Been wanting to upgrade for a while to at least a 512mb. In fact, I was just winning the bid on eBay for a 512 and just lost the bid with 43 seconds about 2 minutes ago. lol!

    I'll find another one, no rush. thanks!
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    sucks, ive done it before as well
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    I used a dremel tool to shave down the SD card so it sits flush with the case of the treo. It doesnt just pop out now. Give it a try. No detrimental effects on the card itself, and it looks better too!
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    yeah that's what I plan on doing. im browsin around on ebay waiting for the best deal on a 512... im debatin to see if I want a 512 or a 256. I don't know if a 512 would be practical bcuz as of now im not fully utilizin my 64
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