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    Hey pll,

    This is pretty damn sick. The new Sharp Zaurus has a 4 gig hard drive inside of it, along with 128MB or ram. It has the clamshell body that I like. Offers true PDA usage and protection of the screen. Other niceties include the ability to operate as a USB drive, SD and CF slots, irDA, and media playback of MP3, WMA, and MPEG-4 video files. I'm not seeing any bluetooth or wifi, though it could be on a different model.

    Sharp Zaurus SL-C3000

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    Here's another article on it

    I think the Treo needs a 4GB HDD too.
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    I dont believe anyone has mentioned a proce yet for this new unit. I also am unimpressed by the hard disk being only 5Gb. Why bother adding this complexity unless you are going to have at least 10GB. I have a 1GB flash card in my T600 and never have to worry about data loss thru hard drive crashes should I drop the unit. I hope the drive is smart enough to cache like an iPod so it spins infrequently.
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    eh - too "computerish"

    I want a phone

    a cell phone that has a PDA and also gets the internet

    that's the t-ace!

    but looking at that thing - yeah, maybe the specs are hot, but it just doesn't make anything happen for me
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    it does look very nice, if I was just after a pda that would be on my list, if I could afford it. However, I've tried the seperate phone / pda thing before and now I have the 600 and the 650 is coming soon, well there's no turning back

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