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    I'm looking for some info. I do not own a 600 yet, but have definately decided to get one. (although I will probably wait untill the 650 is released) I have been looking for some information, but I have been unable to find it...I do quite a lot of text messaging on my current phone and am wondering if the 600 has the "predictive texting" feature available, (where the dialing number keys are associated with letters also) or if it is necessary to type to a text message letter by letter with the querty keyboard?
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    I'm not sure what you mean, but there is a separate program for the Palm you can use for predictive texting: TextPlus. You start to type a word, and TextPlus finishes the word or phrase for you. There are similar programs which do the same thing.

    However, number keys aren't associated with letters - the keyboard buttons allow you to type much faster.
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    Thanks for the help.. I'll check it out..
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    You'll find that you dont need predictive text on T600 for SMS. Why bother - the keyboard is fine as it is.

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