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    hey i have a treo600 and im looking for a really good phone for my uncle...price has NO meaning at all. here is a list of criteria. if anyone could provide me with any options or knows any good phones that have most of this stuff it would be great to have some help. thanks

    Global / GSM / as many networks as possible
    Hands free (speakerphone)
    Small-Mid Sized
    Good battery life / able to get oversized battery
    Must sync flawlessly with Outlook

    Verizon-capable (they have the best network)
    One hand operation / typing possible (like blackberry)
    Can recognize numbers or e-mails anywhere in any data type and allow dialing / e-mailing
    Ability to work with industry standard adapters (i.e. Nokia, Motorola, mainstream compatibility)
    USB Charge-capable
    MP3 Player
    Plays games

    Voice activated
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    Don't think you'll have much luck getting a verizon phone to work on global gsm networks.
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    I believe some M$ smartphones are now available in the US, some of them could do most of what you want. Have a look at the HTC Typhoon - it takes different names with different carriers and has a few different forms.
    Animo et Fide
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    wow....thank you so much peter...i looked at the typhoon and its simply amazing, perfect phone. only $200. only thing left is deciding weather to wait for the 650 or get this instead.

    one question do the M$ smartphones have office capability like word, powerpoint?

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    Yes, but it costs extra. The screen smaller but sharper than the (current) Treo.
    I'm pondering it for my next phone but there are some bugs with it - they do tend to bring out firmware updates though.
    If you want more detailed info I reccomend spending a bit of time over at (it might be, can't remember). You'll find a lot of people complaining about bugs - particularly with games, but also a really honest appraisal of it.
    Animo et Fide

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