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    Just a few things . . .
    A few hard resets ago I had downloaded a program or something that caused the dial pad the wireless connection screen to have a different appearance. Something much more attractive than the simple blue-green dialpad and the standard Sprint logo. I cannot recall, for the life of me, what that application or setting was. If anyone could help me out in remembering that, I would greatly appreciate it. Also, I had the easter egg showing when I first got my phone and I accidentallly clicked on it one day changing the preferences. Does anyone know how to restore that other than buying a new phone from out of the box. I have done a hard reset and nothing. Lastly, my firm uses Lotus Notes as a primary e-mail client. Our mail server is located in Houston but does not have IMAP or POP capability. When I first purchased my phone, I used BC for about a month then decided to go with Basejet. The company behind Basejet has since gone belly up and the software gets more spotty by the day. I need a sturdy software that will push my mail to my handheld. I am assuming that can only be accomplished by having a client running on the desktop at all times. I want an excuse to purchase SnapperMail or Chatter; but I can't figure out how to use Chatter (outside of having IMAP or POP access) I can't find any sort of tutorial or instructions on the initial setup and operation. If any of you have any suggestions for that as well, I would appreciate them. Thanks in Advance.

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    I can answer the first two:

    1. Take a look at Button Manager (it's free) and the various phone skins available:

    Button Manager

    Various Phone Skins

    This thread has a bunch too

    2. "To enable the Taxi Easter Egg hit the Apps key (the little house key at the bottom of the keyboard)...Select Preferences...Select General. Now comes the fun part. Using the stylus, draw a little counterclockwise circle in the lower right corner of the screen. If you get it just right, a multicolored Easter Egg magically appears. To disable it, just tap the egg with the stylus."
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