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    I just got off the phone with Verizon Customer Service and was asking about the 600. The rep told me that the price on the Treo 600 should be going down in a couple of weeks (In time for the new 650 release). I asked if they are getting the Treo 650, and he told me that since they just released the Treo 600, releasing the 650 would a ways down the road. He said they need to test the phones "Vigorously" before the are released on the system (Hence the relase of the 600 so many months after everyone else). The sucky thing is that Verizon has the best reception I find. Where I live, only Verizon comes through.
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    Customer reps on VZW (and probably all the carriers) know nothing about phones to be released.

    On the same token, it is unlikely that VZW would release the T650 before next Spring. They usually like to give the other carriers a 6-12 month headstart.

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