I GIVE UP ... Not on the Treo, but on this post ..

I hate my laptop touchpad. This is the 3rd attempt to post .. I accidently hit the touchpad and it erases everything ... and I am so long winded. You readers have really been spared my rambling post.

Anyway .. gonna make this short.

Tried them all. Jot - Grafitti - DeCuma [never could write one single letter with that, no silkscreen came up and it didn't even recognise my stylus during training] The one that I like the best, the lesser of 3 evils - was Tealscript. But I really didn't want the write anywhere .. I wanted a silkscreen. Did I miss any ?

Thought about selling the Treo, buying a GREAT PHONE .. considered the Sony p900 or Motorola Razor .. That way I would have an awesome pda, tapwave zodiac and awesome phone ..

Treo is great too .. But so many things make me crazy, especially the missing silkscreen, second to that is the fact I can move the scroll bar to the left. Tried doing it with Zlauncher, but it looks pretty bad on the Treo and is sometimes so far left [just like me] that I can't drag the scroll bar.

So basically I am needing someone to talk me out of selling the Treo and getting the MOSTLY TELEPHONE phone with an OS that I know nothing about. Someone to tell me that I missed finding the PERFECT silkscreen program. And someone who knows how to move the scroll bar to the left side of the screen [the lefty hack doesn't work.]

Thats all - gonna send before I erase this AGAIN.