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    Now I love my Treo, but one thing that keeps bugging me is the size. I used to be able to slip my cell phone into my pocket comfortably while on the go--now I find myself having to just hold my Treo most of the time, and have even started to leave it in the car to avoid carrying it around. I figure it's not a very good phone if I find myself not wanting to carry it around with me everywhere. Sure I have the belt clip thing but sometimes you don't want your Treo jiggling around while you hit the town.

    The size is bugging me enough that I'm starting to eye the Samsung i550. Anyone have thoughts on this phone? Sure it's not as powerful as the Treo, but any big disadvantages to this phone? One big thing that comes to mind is the missing keyboard. Another is whether my software purchases will work on the i550--i.e. Keysuite, Snappermail, etc. The last is the lack of a community like TreoCentral to solve every problem I have before I even realize I have problems. But still...I'm realizing the size issue is really a big deal with me, enough to possibly turn traitor to the Treo.
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    have you ever thought about getting another phone, adding it to your account and sharing your minutes? i dont know how other providers are, but with sprint you can add a line for 20/month. with my plan i get the second line free (that promotion was a year ago). if you can justify it just get one of those basic tiny phones and forward calls from your treo when you are on the town.
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    Good idea. Though I always assumed a 2nd line was a different phone number. But I never thought of just forwarding calls to that phone--doesn't Sprint charge per minute for forwarded calls?
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    a second line will be a different #. i wish they could make it like a home phone where you have one # and multiple phones ring for that very reason.
    i think they might charge for forwarded calls, i have the feature but never used it.
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    Well it's a good idea nonetheless. I've been googling the i550, it looks decent though some people seem to be saying its not that much smaller then the Treo, in terms of feel. I guess I'll have to wait until it's released before I make up my mind.
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