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    I have a small company and have heard that the Treo 600 is the best of the best. I'm about to purchase four of them, but would really appreciate some feedback from current users. I have listed our primary needs below, but in addition, I would like to know recommendations on software, add-ins (particularly with regard to email/outlook), and other general thoughts.

    Thanks in advance -- I know newbies like me are a pain in the ****, but how else can we learn?


    -- synchronization with Outlook email (contacts/calendars)
    -- ability to receive new emails when traveling. using a pop server with ability to leave messages on server.
    -- closest Outlook-like interface
    -- ability to send emails easily
    -- in-plan unlimited calling
    -- nationwide coverage (please recommend best provider for this)
    -- ability to open ms-office attachments for viewing
    -- most versatile browsing capabilities
    -- any other software recommendations.

    again, thanks in advance,

    jim spencer
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    Hi John:

    I hope that I can help you make a good decision.

    I have used both Pocket PCs and now the Treo 600 that works on the Palm OS. My previous Pocket PC was an IPaq one of the latest models.

    The Treo syncs well with Outlook (I use a Mac and it syncs well with the Outlook equivalent which is Entourage). The pocket PC syncs better with Outlook but I am finding that the other benefits with the Treo outweigh the pluses of the Pocket PC.

    Calendar and Contact syncs but has limited categories, thus you have to choose which categories are most important. You can phone, email, text message using all your contact information.

    There is a great email program called snapper. You can download a demo. Snapper will allow you to get both pop and email like yahoo etc. You can let it keep a copy on the server that allows a sync with you desktop email program. I have set up Entourage keep a copy on the server for one week.

    You can download many more programs for the palm than for the pocket pc. The palm uses memory better, so it seems to me that I can have many more programs on my Treo than I had on my Ipaq even though the Treo has less memory. One of these programs is called Today that makes the Treo is look like the Today feature on the Pocket PC.

    Most of the providers have an unlimited web access plans. I use Verizon. They have nationwide coverage, but I will add that the Treo is digital so there are remote areas where the Treo will not work.

    Documents to go will allow you to view and edit Microsoft docs. Snapper will allow you to get attachments and open them or save them to a memory card.

    The Treo comes with Blazer Browser and works very well.

    There are many other great programs like;
    Pocket Quicken, Bob's Alarm, Splasher ID (for passwords), Adobe Reader, Card Export 2 (for reading memory cards), and Snapper gives a program called Hand Zipper that opens zip files sent directly to the Treo via email.

    I hope that this helps.

    One other suggestion is get a Mac. Since I switched I have had so many less problems than I had using Windows pcs.

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