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    Hey Folks!

    I have been listening to Shoutcast for some time now using PTunes Deluxe and have several channels bookmarked. The thing I was hoping is that someone knows how I can access my favorite local radio station via PTunes.

    The radio station is KGSR in Austin, Texas (107.1), and I can listen to them on my desktop because they have two links; one that says "click here to listen using Windows Media Player" and one that says "click here to listen directly through HTTP". Both of these work on my desktop.

    Now I know that the Windows Media player link won't work on the Treo, but I was hoping there was some way to make the HTTP link work. I tried the HTTP link, first by tapping on it in Blazer, and then by copying the URL into PTunes (the URL is and neither way worked.

    I e-mailed their webmaster and told him about Shoutcast and he replied back that they might add additional codecs (?) in the future. Does that mean that I won't be able to listen to them until they add these codecs, or is there a way to make it work with the above HTTP URL?

    Would really appreciate your help!!!!!!
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    The link you've provided is a windows media format as well. The only way you could do this is if you setup your own system to re-encode the stream to Shoutcast, and then connect to that stream. I don't know the details for doing this, but I believe it's doable.

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