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    My built in phone speaker went out today. I spent sometime reading the thread about treo replacements. Now I'm truly depressed. There was a glimmer of hope when I read about another user with the same problem who said he whacked his Treo and it worked again with no furthe problem.
    I've been slapping. back-handing, tapping and even kicking my Treo. Alas... no luck.
    Anyway, reading that thread thoroughly depressed me. People on their 3rd, 4th, 5th... replacements.
    I've been a Palm user for 7 years and I'm getting tired. Why should I continue to support a corporation that produces such crap. 40% of treos defective I read. I was going to try the 650, but will it be any different?
    I've only had trouble with the Treos (180-2 replacements, 270-3 replacements).
    I'm thinking of going back to a Nokia and toting around a Tungsten. Are there any other options?
    Losing hope,
    Banoo... what's that smell?
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    it seems that speaker problems are one of the pretty common issues. is this really the case with everyone? i find it hard to believe they can make any money if they are sending 2-3-4 units per customer. is this really normal? i am considering getting a 600 or 650, but i am starting to think otherwise if that is the case.
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    Hopefully the ACE will be of better build quality since HTC is manufacturing it. If they are going to keep the 600 around, they should let HTC handle that too.
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    I had a problem with my speaker a couple fo months ago. It would cut out, and I would not hear a word anyone was saying, although they could hear me. I thought that it was dead.
    Now I am not a greta believer when Handspring/P1 say do a hard reset for evry problem you communicate to them, but I did it, and in my case, it appears to have worked. So maybe try that, and reinstall all your apps. Good luck !

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