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    dont you love the neverending wait for the next cool toy? as i was looking for info on the 650, i found the flipstart and oqo palmtop computers. both of which run windows xp, are small and offer wi-fi/bluetooth. rather than wait for a pda phone to do all of this stuff the right way (650/sprint locking down bluetooth), i am kicking around the idea of just settling for a 600 and getting one of these palmtops when they come out. they will be in the 1500 range. it just seems the 650 will be "almost there" for what i want, but not everything. anyone heard good or bad things about either of these?

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    It depends of you needs, but here are the questions that I would ask :

    1/ How big can you stand it to be ?
    2/ Do you want instant-on ? (win XP needs to boot, it takes time)

    For my part, the Treo 600/650 is as big as I'm willing to take. I tend to turn my treo on/off very often, so instant on is important to me.

    For communication purposes (serious email, web browsing...) the OQO ($1899) could be great, mainly because it runs regular PC apps, and also because the screen os 800x600.

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