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    will we have to wait for "t650-ized" 3rd party apps?

    or are they already working on them and will be co-released w/ the t650?
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    The history is not hopeful. New releases of Palm OS are not backward compatilble and leave many orphan appls in their wake. Tens of Treo 270 appls would not run on the 600. I was weeks and hundreds of dollars getting my 600 to where my 270 was.
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    it is the same os, shouldnt be a problem.
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    so, the old apps should run fine with the increased resolution?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Felipe
    it is the same os, shouldnt be a problem.
    If it is the same OS, shouln't be a problem. It is not likely to be the same OS and it will be a problem. If there were no other difference than the screen resolution, that would probably be a problem.
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    There MIGHT be a few conflicts, but T600 is OS 5.2.1 and T650 will probably be 5.4.x Its not gonna be a jump to 6.1 or anything. I bet 98 % of apps work fine, exceptions would be customed tailored to Treo's harware buttons, but those might work too, who knows
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    Have you ever updated your Windows or Mac OS without having to update some of your applications?
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    Incompatible applications will be the exception, not the rule. These "exceptions" will be mostly Treo specific things, like TreoButler, lightwav, etc. Remember, the Treo 600 is the oddball in that it is a standard res OS 5 device. It is normal for OS 5 to be high res.

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