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    Before I go and start downloading a bunch of 3rd party software, I was wondering what software, if any, Treo 600 has had problems with. I have heard that many 3rd party SW can screw up the treo.

    I want to get the basics (Snappermail, Text Messaging, Pocket Tunes, etc.) and some others.

    Any help would be appreciated

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    Works but inconsistantly
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    First thing I learned is everyone is different as far as whats installed. Your going to have to find out what works for you.
    I just got done having a real go around with AOLs IM, very cool but set me into the reboot loop from hell.

    Words of advice.... Sync your Data, often and before installing something new. AND look into a back up ware. I use Backup man and have it do its thing every day.
    That way if you get in a pinch you can always go back to the way it was.
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    Mux11's statement of advice is important. I would say that most of the software for the 600 is at this point fairly stable. For those that are still under development or functionality being added, of course there will be problems.

    Consider what you want to add, then look at the programs and play one at a time. If it is stable, then keep it. If it is not, then junk it. Though most software authors are more than willing to help work out the bugs. What crashes on some will not crash on others. Another note, before buying, see if there is something out there that does the function being sought and maybe another - it might save you a buck or two.

    Snappermail works well and has not crashed for many weeks. Same with SMS. Same with Pocket Tunes (crashed 2 weeks ago).

    For me, mail handling, database management, telephone functionality, and security are important. Entertainment is definitely not high on my list. For mail I use Snapper Mail and Chatter. Database management is DDHs HanDBase and telephone functionality is handled by TakePhone and Call Filter and Call Shield (more CF than CS). For security I use Teal Lock and Cradle Robber. For my alarm and timer functions, I use Bob's Alarm and recommend it without hesitation.

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    Have never had Snappermail or Pocketunes crash.

    Built in SMS crashes, regular.
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    mSafe causes SMS to crash. Do you use it?

    Built in SMS is fairly soild (and so it should be!).

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