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    First post here, though I have been reading TreoCentral forums for a few weeks.

    Long, story, but a couple of months ago, our company was testing Treos (600) to give executives the choice between Treo and BlackBerry. I was part of the test group (no, I am not an executive), and I LOVED the thing. Now, I want to buy one to use as my own personal phone. I WILL, however, wait until the 650 comes out. I have a couple of questions, though.

    1. Cobalt: Will the Treo 650 come with Cobalt as its OS? Also, is Cobalt compatible with Mac OS X?

    2. Emai: When I was testing the Treo for our company, it had the GookLink email software, which worked really well. For personal use, though (POP3 email account), how does the Treo work? Does it come with out-of-the-box software to access POP3 email? If it does, is it any good? I ask because I read a lot about "Treo Email Solutions" like SnapperMail. Does the Treo not come with a way to access personal email?

    3. Instant Messaging: Again, as above, the Treo I tested had AIM and Yahoo Messenger that one could use to chat; And, again, I read in these forums about "Chat solutions." Does the Treo not come with those apps.?

    4. EDGE: I know EDGE is only available in a few cities right now, but does anyone know if the 650 will be EDGE compatible?

    I hope I am not asking dumb questions or something that has been beaten to death. I am really looking forward to buy a 650 when it comes out. By the way, my carrier is AT&T on the GSM network.

    Thanks in advance for all your help.

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    1. it will come with os 5, not s6.

    2. the 600 came with a pop 3 client called treo mail (?) it was adequate in doing its job. it had a couple of issues. we dont know what (if any) program will come with the 650, but it might be visto.

    3. there are sevaral chat programs. the 2 most popular seem o be verichat and chatter.

    4. we dont know if edge will be a part of 650. i have read rumor of it being and not being a part of 650. right now we dont know.
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    Chatter IM is not being actively supported for new users due to development of its "new" main function, email capability. Chatter though does a great job with the three main formats. The new comer to the group is with their Causerie. It is at V1 at this point and is under heavy development. It will have "lite" and "pro" versions priced depending on level of service and functionality.

    Between Causerie and Verichat, both of which are subscription based, Causerie offers a bit more, though is or will be a bit more expensive at this point.

    I have and use Chatter, have and use Causerie, and have and no longer use Verichat -
    I let the subscription expire.

    Also, before using a chat program, make sure your plan provides for extensive data usage. All three support data; Verichat supports data/SMS and Causerie is in the process of working toward supporting SMS - it currently only uses data.
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    So... has it been annouced when Cobalt will come out? I have seen some pics, and read some reviews, and it looks awesome... I'm a little disappointed that the 650 will not originally come out with it installed.
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    no news on when a cobalt device will appear, and I doudt you will be possible to upgrade to cobalt on a treo 650.
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    thanks, for the knowledge, Felipe.

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