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    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkmagic
    I listen to Audible ebooks on my Treo! Does that count?
    For me it does.

    Before getting a smartphone (with the tiny screens), I did more reading using Palmreader and doc readers than I do now. I might read more on my Palm when I get a high rez device, however.
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    my mistake... I use eReader. Thought it was called PalmReader. Sorry for the confusion.
    Banoo... what's that smell?
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    Could someone please post the eReader prc file here so I can install it.

    I'm having problems opening the prc file to the install app. (says files are missing) I downloaded it from the palmOne site. Maybe the download is corrupted.

    I've submitted a inquiry on the support form but who knows how long it will take for them to get back to me. Bought a book before I tried installing eReader. That was stupid.

    BTW I can open to prc file for the book itself to the install app.

    Tks in advance
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    Quote Originally Posted by aristarchus
    I think this site has most of Gutenburg books converted to Palm format.
    Thanks!!! great site!
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