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    Well a couple a days ago I dropped my treo 600 before getting in the van. I picked the phone up and looked at seemed to be fine then proceeded to take off. So 10 minutes later I go to play some mp3's off my sd card and it says no card. So I look in the sd slot and low and behold it isn't there. So I turn around and go back hoping to find my card. Well I find it but apparently so did a vehicle. So my 512 meg sd card is busted and now I can't use my ringtones I had set up with lightwav. So here are my questions for the time being is there a way to load wavs or mp3s ino ram for lightwav use and second does anyone know where I can get a good deal on a 512 meg sd card? Thank you in advance.
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    did you have pockettunes on there? did you happen to pay for it? when i lost my card in august it had ptunes on there. the free ptunes i got when i bought my 600 in j anuary. i had the file at home so when i tried to reinstall it, ptunes tried forcing me to buy ptunes 3.x. i just wanted to listen to mp3s, no steaming, no frills..but they still wont let me, the bastards. i've since switched to realplayer. sorry about your card.

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