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    I have a newbie question. I am currently a pharmacy student and as such I get free medication software like epocrates, clinical pharmacology, and mobilemedex. All these programs expire when I get out of school this year. When these programs expire, will they be wiped off of my treo when I hotsync, or do they work on some sort of internal clock? Also if they get wiped out after expiration on a hotsync is there a way to keep them on the treo, but just not get updated anymore? Can I use backupman to lock them on the pda? Any advise would be awesome. Thanks

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    While it's possible that the programs will lock up, they will most likely not self-destruct

    I'd wager that you will either receive a bunch of nag screens or simply be cut off from updates. The "internal clock" used would be your Treo's, most likely.
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    They should remain, but they will not update.

    Speaking from experience, old information is more dangerous than no information. Most large healthcare facilities have most of the programs you describe free for clinical staff (mobilemicromedex, for one).

    If you want to keep them, just re-install them before you leave school and disable their counduits in your Hotsync manager. You may get a nag screen saying they have not been updated, but that's about it.
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    Sometimes you just will not be able to start the program. It will be there on your T600, but when you try to open it a note will pop up saying it has expired and you need to register it to use it.
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