Great article on the new OS from Palm and how Palmsource is losing relevancy as PalmOne rejects the OS in favor of the Treo 650. The entire article can be found here...

For those who wish not to click here are the parts I found most interesting:

But with PalmSource's biggest licensee, PalmOne Inc., apparently rejecting Cobalt for its eagerly awaited Treo 650, insiders question the need for the operating system's advances as well as the strength of PalmSource's relationships in general.

"Everyone I know who has the Treo 600 loves it, but it's expensive," said John Greinier, chief technical officer at Legal Services for New York City, in New York, which is evaluating wireless devices for its case managers. "If other devices follow along, that's great, especially if they fall into our budget."

"PalmOne wants to control too much of the platform," said Ken Dulaney, a Gartner Inc. analyst in San Jose, Calif., noting that the Treo has its own e-mail platform and supports several others. "One of the key problems is that the Treo 650 is still not on Version 6 and that the devices running this platform are still only in the future."
The future will be interesting... one thing for certain I may hold off on the upgrade to 650 until the OS is updated and stable.