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    Hi everyone,
    At the risk of sounding like a noob, is it going to be possable to upgrade our Treo 600's to the new 6.1 Cobalt that is aim at smart phones? I saw an interesting line in an artical at The Register

    However, delegates were disappointed when the rumours of an early look at the Bluetooth-equipped Treo 650 proved to be false, and only the elderly Treo 600 was available for demonstrations.

    Was this Treo demonstrated with the new OS? That is how i'm reading it... any comments?

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    NO, that not how I read it. They were just disappointed not to play with the Ace and it's bluetooth capabilities...

    Also regarding Cobalt, I'm almost positive the Treo 600 cannot be upgraded b/c the Flash Rom is just to small period...who knows about the Ace, but I would not count on it...
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    don't count on it, that would be revenue that they loose if they allow a 2 generations old model to be upgraded like that
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