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    #1: My TREO 300 had to be hard reset
    #2: While restoring it to it's virgin status;
    my Palm Desktop started telling me it would not load the addresses database, and IT crashed
    #3 I hid the existing instal (changed the folder name) and created a new Destop
    Q: Now that I have the new Palm Desktop installed, how do I get the old data into those folders (and thereby back INTO my Treo300)?
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    Copy the old Users.dat file and the user folders into the new folder. Then restart Palm Desktop.

    If you went to the latest PD version not meant for Treos, you may have already damaged your user files by reformatting them for the advanced PIM on later palmOne handhelds. You may have to export your data from the newer desktop and then reinstall the older one and re-import to new user name.

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