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    Take a look on (French, but there's a bunch of pics)

    Size : 57,7mm x 103,5 mm x 24 mm
    Weight : 139g
    CPU : Motorola ARM 9 Dragon Ball i.MXL, 200 Mhz.
    Screen : Touchscreend LCD 2,8".
    Expansion: SD/MMC Slot
    Camera : 1,3 megapixels
    Battery : removable
    Wireless : GSM/GPRs class 10, tri-band
    Com : USB & IRDA
    OS : Palm OS 5.4 "Garnet"
    Media : MP3, MPEG-4 3D games.
    Misc : Word & Excel file viewer
    Price: <500 Euros
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    OK, I love this. I was hoping for a Palm OS, flip design, no keypad (larger screen instead) and this is IT! Are they going to sell these in the states?
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    Treo 270 on steroids?
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    Wow! I love the high res screen. Too bad for it the new Treo will have one too. Combination of the candybar style (I've come to really like it) and the keyboard will keep me in Treoland, though.
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    doesn't remotely compare form factor-wise. no contest. while it has similar features, although most still far short of the t650, it fails to hold a candle.
    kb and form factor define the treo as the reigning champ. and for now, undisputed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chriz
    Treo 270 on steroids?
    Actually, looks more like a Treo 180g to me!
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    What's the big deal? There's no keyboard. No comparison!
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    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkmagic
    Actually, looks more like a Treo 180g to me!

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