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    I have just installed update for spint treo 600. I can't be sure why, but I cannot sync past ImageLib_mainDB. I cannot find that file on my phone - and do not know what to do. Help please?
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    Most probably the Imagelib file on your desktop has been corrupted. Refer to the following thread for more info:

    The Imagelib file is the Treo Pic image database stored in ram, as PalmOS does not support native jpeg in ram. Occasionally, it appears that this DB can become corrupted resulting in the inability of syncing your Treo Pics in ram. What I would suggest you do is copy all the pics you want to save to the card if possible and then delete the Imagelib file from Ram on your Treo. If the file is on your desktop, I would suggest copying all the images you want to save from your Treo Pic folder archive in a safe place and then deleting the Imaglib file from your profile backup and archive folders. Note this will completely erase your Treo Pic databases!! Once you delete it, the Treo will automatically create it again once you take a new pic. You should then be able to restore your old pics by transferring them via the Desktop Treo transfer folder on your desktop on the next sync...hope that helps!
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