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    Anyone know a shortcut to dumping recent pages in Blazer? I know where to go to do it (menu, options, preferences, blah, blah, blah), but I just counted and it takes eight screen taps or eighteen clicks if your using the 5-way one-handed to clear recent pages, history and cookies! Could they bury it any deeper!?! I don't have a lot of spare memory (lots of apps), and I do a lot of browsing, so I am frequently having to go in and clear the recent pages. It would be really cool to have a little trash can icon on the Blazer task bar that could dump the cache with one tap!
    Does anyone know of any short cuts for this?
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    Anyone know a shortcut, or am I the only one who would like to have this?
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    The program "Filez" can do it. I just did it with eight clicks

    You could also reduce the size limit available for cache.
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    Which eight files are safe to delete?
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    Quote Originally Posted by chankla
    Which eight files are safe to delete?
    There are not eight files that are safe to delete. You only need to delete the blazer cache file.

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